A 5-Star Review for Pretty Display Nail Polish Racks !

Pretty Display Nail Polish Racks Look AMAZING in your Salon

Wow! – Look at this great photo that Jennifer sent us on our Amazon reviews. You can see how she has used out nail polish shelves to create an awesome colorful display in her salon. What great idea to use transform the boring pillar into a riot of color, making it a great feature in the salon while showing off all the great nail polish colors her customers can choose from.

” They are very nice thick acrylic and really do blend into the wall”

That’s exactly the “invisible” look we want our customers to enjoy. Jennifer was able to create this display because all the shelves in the pretty display nail polish rack are separate, allowing the customer to arrange them anywhere they want, and to have as many shelves as they need to store all their polishes.

Thanks for sending in the photo Jennifer – we really love it, and Good Luck in your business!

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