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best amazon organizing shelves
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Acrylic Bathroom Shelves

Contemporary bathroom wall shelves to store all your cosmetics and toiletries, and free up valuable storage on your counter, sink or in the shower. The high quality thick acrylic shelves are reliable, sturdy, strong and maintenance-free and they will never rust, tarnish, sag or peel ensuring quality and durability, helping to keep your home neat and well-organized. Space-saving & Waterproof bathroom storage is perfect for small spaces, and makes great use of any wasted wall space that is available, above the sink or bath or as over the toilet storage. Each shelf is carefully handcrafted from a single piece of acrylic to be extra strong, and these shelves have a lip to the front and the ends of the shelves to ensure that nothing falls off.
The ‘invisible’ bathroom organizer available in 10 inch and 15 inch, suitable for your need. You can arrange each floating shelf anywhere it suits you best, side by side or tiered, to store your toiletries, makeup and perfume products at a convenient location, or at eye level making it easy to check your supplies with a glance.

Acrylic Medal Holder

Be a champion at decluttering with Pretty Display’s Stylish & Sturdy Acrylic Wall Mount Medal Holder. You worked hard to earn those medals so don’t keep them tangled, neglected and lonely,This 15-inch Acrylic Medal Hanger is perfect for all medals, men, women, girls & boys and for All Spots and Awards, Gymnastics, Track, Runners, Marathons, Soccer & more. Won’t ever rust, tarnish or sag. Quick and easy to wall mount, so simple you’ll have it up in minutes, and your medals beautifully organized and clutter-free.
The contemporary clear design from Pretty Display is a nice change from the usual heavy, dark medal holders, and it suits any décor or color scheme. It looks fantastic in the hallway or sitting room, and it will go with any character theme or color in a child’s bedroom – from princess pink to boisterous blue. Here’s a medal display rack for everyone whose house does not look like a sports arena!
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acrylic spice racks

Invisible Spice Rack

Spice Up your Kitchen with the Versatile, Stylish and Practical New Invisible Spice Rack! Cooking will never be easier if you organize your spices. Whether your collection is minimal or massive, it is important to store your herbs and spices properly to ensure clean and efficient cooking space. If you are someone who really enjoy cooking, then you know how important it is to be able to find that bottle of seasoning just when you need it.
Maybe you’ve been looking for a way to keep your spices in order for a while. If so, Pretty Display Spice Rack is just what you need to get your bottles in order. One thing you will really like about this is how easily it comes together, with no tools required. No more cluttered counter top or jumbled spice cupboard with this Sleek and stylish acrylic racks that will compliment any kitchen. Pretty Display Spice Rack are sure to give your seasonings a kick!
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Luxury Diamond Table Confetti

Sprinkle some sparkle! A dusting of delicate, enchanting diamonds on your tables is the perfect finishing touch to your party decorations. Available in 3 colors you can choose from— Clear, Gold and Rosegold, suitable for any  party’s theme. This is the easy way to add elegance to your wedding reception, anniversary celebration, birthday party, prom night, retirement celebration or any other special occasion. Table decorations should be stunning without taking up so much space that people can’t converse. The pretty mix of 3, 6 & 10 mm acrylic diamonds will Leave You the Room on the Table for the food as these delightful decorations dazzle without dominating. 
Reusable to keep the the romance alive. Flowers and paper decorations won’t last, but you can reduce waste and add romance by using these acrylic diamond vase filler & table beads. Make your own sentimental tradition and treasured memories by using them at your wedding reception and all of your anniversary celebrations, whether it’s the two of you in the kitchen or generations of children and grandchildren at your 50th anniversary bash! 
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