Acrylic Spice Rack

The past two years have not been easy on all of us. Life literally stopped and we were all locked down and not allowed to move about. However, we are not letting COVID ruin the holiday spirit this year! CHRISTMAS IS HERE and we’ll all fill our calendars again with traditional family gatherings — albeit still with precautions.

And what better way to celebrate than with presents! So here are spice rack recommendations to add to your shopping list.

1. INVISIBLE ACRYLIC SPICE RACKS. If you are frustrated with having the clutter of small bottles and spice jars, this is the product for you.

Spice bottles are surely kept safe as these shelves come with front lip and end pieces to prevent anything accidentally slipping off.

These shelves are made from Grade A sheet acrylic, resulting in premium quality shelving. Unlike other products made in molds which often have flaws and less clarity due to the manufacturing process, these shelves will remain clear and perfect hence the product being called Invisible .

Moreover, the beautiful simplicity of the crystal-clear acrylic lets light shine through for a lighter, brighter display of all your herbs & spices.

Acrylic Spice Rack

2. CONTEMPORARY STAINLESS STEEL DESIGN. Highly versatile, with option to be free-standing or wall mounted in your kitchen. With unique metal strip design on top to make your spice jars more organized.

Just be careful handling the package though as the included bottles are made of inferior material that easily break and chip.

3. ROTATING SPICE RACK WITH JARS. This spice rack is a good organizer to make your kitchen countertop clean and tidy. The revolving design allows you to quickly find the spices and seasoning and save more space. The package includes 20 lead-free jars and stainless steel bracket and a non-slip base.

Look out for uneven base though as some have reported wobbly construction.

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4. SLIDE OUT CABINET ORGANIZER. These trays make organizing all your spices in your kitchen drawers easy. With 4 tiers to organize all your spices, essential oils, vitamins, nail polish, herbs, medicine, and more throughout your home. Sturdy and looks beautiful in kitchen drawers, on pantry shelves and on kitchen counter-tops. This product also is made of heavy gauge steel with durable silver metallic epoxy finish for a lifetime of trouble-free use.

Though made with quality material there are instances where the trays slides back in the drawer. Better keep a little packing to prevent product from doing so.

5. BAMBOO SPICE ORGANIZER. Made from eco-friendly and sustainable material and with it’s natural color this bamboo spice holder is just the right texture and style to match your kitchen decor. Plus super easy to clean, just wipe off with a clean cloth and you’re done.

6. 3-TIER COUNTER-TOP SPICE DRAWER. This spice rack has amazing storage capacity! Fits different shapes and sizes of seasonings of up to 60 half-sized spice jars. The drawers slide out easily, so all of the jars are easily accessible. The consumer can put it inside the kitchen cabinet or just on the countertop, depending upon where she prefers for easy access when cooking.

Just prepare for installation hardware (not included in the package) as you’d have to assemble them yourself which is a bit of a challenge.

7. PULL DOWN SPICE RACK. The retractable design stores kitchen essentials vertically, just open the cabinets and all spices are in view. This makes your spice shelf so much more organized! No more jars falling over or falling out of the cabinet. This is a great way to utilize your top cabinet storage space. Great for helping you and your family be able to store spices on the top shelf of our cupboard and still be able to access them.

If you do not have any at home, ready some extra screws to setup the product to ensure better stability and setup.

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8. Another ROTATING SPICE RACK. Similar with the first rotating rack we shared, this also keeps spices within easy reach while saving valuable counter space. The only difference is that this is highlighted by a combination of black ABS and chrome, with a convenient carry handle which makes moving the entire piece a breeze.

Promises 5 year of free spices but you’ll have to shoulder handling fee and be open to receiving a hit and miss spice combinations.

9. FLIP-DOWN DRAWER. With a unique pull-down spice rack drawer design, you can locate whatever spice you need, whenever you need it. Comes with adjustable dividers to help customize the space for various-sized spice bottles. These drawers pull out and lower to resting position for quick, easy access to all your spices (at eye-level) so you can find and reach bottles in a snap.

Since it’s made of plastic, it won’t give you the same sturdiness you’d expect from acrylic or stainless products.

10. MODULAR, ROTATING SHELVES. Engineered to work side-by-side to create a “library” of organized stuff. 11″ deep and 11″ tall to fit all sort of bottle and spices. Place in your cabinet and fill it up. Then simply lift the handle, pull out and rotate for easy, instant access.

Take note though that the top and bottom shelves are not the same height so you’d have to consider you bottle collection that you’d store in this.