Easy step by step Instructions for Setting Up Your Acrylic Cube Organizer. Pretty Display’s makeup brush holder is an easy way to store and create your makeup storage organized and visually stunning. You’ll love getting ready in an organised fashion. Keep your space organized and your makeup brushes clean, Pretty Display’s Acrylic Cube Organizers are a life saver for any makeup junkies. Here we will show you Instructions for Setting Up Your Acrylic Cube Organizer and it’s so easy to do! No other tools required.

Step 1. Your Acrylic Cube Organizer has arrived!
We’ll make sure that you will receive your item/s packaged safely.



Step 2. Unpack the contents of your Acrylic cube organizer.
The box contains the Stylish Acrylic Container and a bag of Acrylic Rhinestones Crystals in the color of your choice.

Step 3. Carefully open the bag of Crystals and pour into the Acrylic Container.
This is the tricky bit … Make sure you do it slowly and try not to spill any!


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Step 4. Your Acrylic Cube Organizer is now ready to use!
Simply pop in your makeup brushes, lip pencils, mascaras. etc. and they are right there at your fingertips, easy to find and ready to use.

Step 5. Your cube design and setup.
Sturdy, heavy design in ultra clear acrylic with an extra strong base so it won’t tip over. Fits great on your bathroom counters, bedroom dressers, vanity, desk or makeup counter.

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