The Best Wedding Table Decorations and Ideas

wedding table decorations

An awesome wedding or party event represents a life of its own. All you have to do is set up the stage, consider the requests of your guests, and let everybody continue having a great time. Your wedding table decorations has many key components that blend in unison producing a stunning table. Your arrangement and decoration will primarily start with the tables in which you wish to generate a spectacular impression on your guests when they show up for your special party celebration. Create the best wedding table decorations with these tips!
Include Variety of Materials
A variety of texture is key to creating an intriguing design but the same theory applies to a mix of materials. Wooden accents look compelling with metallic flatware, china, and crystal. If your flower vessels, candlesticks, chargers, and flatware are the same material and things are looking a little flat, switch out some elements for contrasting materials to give your tables a boost in visual interest.

Consider your Flower Arrangement
Keep floral arrangements and other table décor under 14 inches or over 20 inches high—depending upon the size of your venue—so guests can see and talk with each other across the table. Be aware, though, that tall centerpieces in venues with low ceilings may make the space feel cramped.

Think Outside the Box
Unique place card holders and wedding reception centerpieces look great on the reception tables and double as wedding party favors. Or sprinkle acrylic diamonds down the aisle or on the tables to add that special personal touch.

IMPRESS YOUR GUESTS WITH THE ELEGANCE OF TABLES AT YOUR WEDDING, PARTY AND EVENT with these tasteful display of matching place name card holders and diamond table scatter confetti. Each set contains lightweight cardholder and plenty of table confetti diamonds with over 6,000 individual crystals in every set for a polished sparkling effect.

Add Candles
Nothing evokes romance quite like flickering candlelight, which is why candles are such a fitting choice for wedding décor. The soft glow of candles can add warmth to any ceremony or reception, creating the romantic ambience so many couples desire on their wedding days. With so many different kinds and colors of candles available – not to mention vessels to hold them in – there is no shortage of décor possibilities.

Add Candles

Consider the Experience
Even the most meticulously designed tables can be a bit of a letdown once your guests are seated for their meal. If your flower arrangements are too tall for guests on opposite sides of the table to see each other and converse or there are so many elements on the table that things feel crowded and movement is limited, it’s time to cut back and rethink things.