One of those home features that never seem to have enough storage space are bathrooms. Between your morning routine to nightly showers, your bathroom serves many purpose despite very limited space.

And when you think of storage, Cabinets are the obvious go to solution. They come in either floor or wall-mounted options. However, not all bathrooms are made with the same shape and size. Some do not have the required space to fit free-standing storage options or large sized furnishings.

Here are a couple hacks you can try to make the most out of every inch of the space you have.

1. INSTALL SHELVES – having a small bathroom leaves you with limited counter space and it’s bound to get messy real quick. Shelves are very easy to install and provides plenty of storage to accommodate personal items giving you back extra counter space.

There are options to choose from when shopping wall mounted shelves – there are non-drill, adhesive types and drilled and screw mounted ones. In addition, these shelves leave very minimal footprint that comes in a variety of materials ranging from wood to glass to metal and acrylic styles.

In addition to increasing storage space, wall shelves look great. They can add that touch of character you need to take the room’s style to the next level.

You may want to check out these shelves from Pretty Display on Amazon. 

storage ideas for small bathrooms

2. ADD STORAGE TO THE MEDICINE CABINET – these cabinets come with built-in dividers but you can add more storage with a little creativity. You can use jars, containers and even magnetic memo boards so you can turn the door surface into a storage hub. I little reminder though to make sure you arrange the items properly so you can still shut the door completely.

storage ideas for small bathrooms
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3. SEPARATE BATHROOM STORAGE ITEMS – sort personal items in separate containers. This creates a streamlined way of storing stuff and makes it easier to access when it’s time for use. You can save drawer space for less frequently used items.

For those who regularly wears makeup, it is best to invest in a makeup organizer to keep all of your products together. Countertop, standalone, and wall-mounted options are all available.

storage ideas for small bathrooms

4. IMPROVISE WITH OVER THE TOILET STORAGE – Organizational solutions like over-the-toilet storage racks can make your bathroom feel less cluttered without forcing anyone to change their habits. These racks come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, so you can match them to your bathroom’s current style.

storage ideas for small bathrooms
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5. TRY SHOWER CADDIES – using a shower caddy is a classic solution for small bathrooms with easy installation and flexibility in terms of products you can store in them. Plenty of options are currently available in the market, from wire shower organizers, to baskets and horizontal racks.

storage ideas for small bathrooms

In the end, the most important thing to consider is to understand what works best for your needs and preferences. Your choice should reflect the look, layout, and overall design you are going for. Lastly as Marie Kondo always says – keep those that speak to the heart and discard those that no longer spark joy.