The Best Eyeshadow Palette Organizer and How to Store Your Collection

eyeshadow palette organizer

As anyone with an impressive cosmetics collection knows, keeping your makeup sorted and stored can be a challenge. And whether you have every eyeshadow ever made or are just starting out on your makeup collecting journey, there’s truly no better feeling than gazing upon a perfectly organized beauty area. Finding the right eyeshadow palette organizer for your collection is the best first step.

Are you the free drawer type of person? Someone who will simply toss everything in there and cause unmanageable cluttered chaos. Eyeshadow palettes become more prone to have cracked powders. And cracked eye shadows are not the most pleasing thing in any makeup enthusiast’s eyes. The problem with most makeup storage kits is that you can’t see everything that’s inside and you have to browse through and mess up everything. We often hold onto products in the hope that if we stash them away for a while and come back to them later we might like them but let’s be honest, you won’t. But if you have a clear acrylic storage system then everything becomes easier.

Check out how one of our customer shares her way to store her eyeshadow palette collection the most efficient way that will help you easily find what eye shadow palette you are looking for.


“I have so many palettes that I often forget to use new ones or loved ones so this display not only allows for some beautiful wall art, easy access and a reminder to use each of them. They were really easy to install – I used a level and nails from my own personal collection to hang picture frames.”

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eyeshadow palette organizer

Acrylic wall racks are one of the smartest solutions as eyeshadow palette organizer because, apart from looking really cool, you’re making use of that otherwise unused wall space, thus leaving your counters and drawers free to be filled with all your other stuff.
This seems like an ambitious project, but it’s easier (and less expensive!) than you think! All you need is a Cosmetics acrylic wall racks and few things from the toolbox, you’re good to go! Best of all- no need to get all the troubles of searching the right paint color to match your wall because its Invisible style matches every décor.

makeup palette storage ideas


Go grab the perfect palette to complete your eye look for the day without too much annoying digging, so installing you own rack seems to be the most effective eyeshadow palette organizer option.

You can use your Pretty Display Cosmetics Rack for your foundation collection too! Read how Youtuber thataylaa organized her collection.