Get Clutter-Free at Home or the Salon with This Amazing Nail Polish Wall Rack

Amazing Nail Polish Wall Rack

Whether you just like to go your own gel nails at home for special occasions or run a professional nail art salon, This attractive nail polish rack will fit into your available space and your décor easily, giving you a more practical, clutter-free space with easy access to all of your nail polish bottles.  And you can put it up in less time than it takes to do a manicure.

AT HOME:  you can use the Pretty Display nail polish wall rack wherever you like without worrying about it interfering with your décor.  The chunky style, clear acrylic organizer shelves blend in discretely with any look and every color scheme.  You can put them up in the bathroom without taking up space – at 1.5 inches deep they can hold even larger bottles of nail polish but are small enough that they don’t use up valuable space.

Because they are wall mounted, they don’t even take up floor space so your bathroom does not feel cluttered or seem smaller.  In fact, the Pretty Display nail polish rack is a great space saver because it lets you clear out a drawer or a shelf in the medicine cabinet for whatever other clutter is lurking around.  In the bedroom, you can arrange the shelves of the nail polish rack above the surface of your dresser or vanity table, leaving enough space beneath for more storage.  You can arrange them in vertical rows on either side of a wall mirror to help you see at a glance which outfits and which nail polish colors go best together.

IN THE SALON: Every bit of space counts in any type of beauty salon.  If you do nails in a salon that also does hair, make up, tanning and other beauty treatments, you might even face a bit of competition for space.   With the new Pretty Display nail polish wall rack, you don’t have to worry about space constraints creating stress and bad feelings between colleagues.  You’re all there to make people happy by making them beautiful, so the visuals and the atmosphere matter.  Plus, a strong, easy to see display of nail polish colors is appealing.

If you put your new nail polish organizer in a visible place, your customers can see all the gorgeous colors available and be inspired.  It’s an easy and inexpensive way to promote your manicure and pedicure services.  The easy to use and easy to see Pretty Display nail polish rack also saves you time and frustration because you can easily see what you have available.

The innovative and simple design combined with flexible, easy installation make Pretty Display’s nail polish wall rack hard to resist for home or for the salon – or for both!  If you are trying to get your nail supplies de-cluttered and get ready for next season’s colors, you really cannot go wrong with the Pretty Design nail polish organizer, now available exclusively from