Pretty Display Acrylic Cube Make Up Brush Holder Now Available on

acrylic cube organizer

Get The Beautiful Make Up Brush Holder & Cosmetic on Amazon NOW!

Pretty Display are pleased to announce their new product, the ACRYLIC CUBE MAKEUP BRUSH HOLDER AND COSMETICS ORGANIZER WITH DIAMONDS!

Skip the trip and get your own makeup brush holder with faster delivery and hassle-free transaction anywhere and anytime by just one click. Pretty Display’s Acrylic makeup brush holder with crystals is now available on Amazon! You can now purchase your own clear acrylic makeup and cosmetics organizer set on This 10 x 10 x 10 cm cube container holds a ton of brushes and makeup, fitting all sizes of brushes, tall, thin, long, large & wide.including long handled brushes and cosmetics, making it a Perfect Gift Idea for Girls in 2016!
Pretty Display’s makeup brush holder is an easy way to store and create your makeup storage organized and visually stunning. With acrylic clear construction and gorgeous little rhinestone crystal beads in a variety of colors to choose from Clear, Pink, Blue, Gold and Purple, get the perfect color to compliment your room and personality.


You’ll love getting ready in an organised fashion. Keep your space organized and your makeup brushes clean, Pretty Display’s Acrylic Cube Organizers are a life saver for any makeup junkies.

Order this Acrylic Cube Organizer on and have them delivered right to your front door. We ensure your safe shopping experience with great prices and convenience. The rack is launching at a special introductory price, be sure to grab one while it is on offer!