Go-to Fall Makeup Tutorial+ Pretty Display’s Makeup Brush Holder!

Fall Makeup Tutorial

Fall is months away but this Go-to Fall Makeup tutorial by Caitlyn Sydney is an absolute go-to for occasions and parties in any season. The best thing about this look is that you can customize your shimmer from soft and subtle to over-the-top glamour. In this video she will show how play with peach and nude tones and change the way you do shimmer. The best part of the video? She featured Pretty Display’s Acrylic Cube Organizer and how she organized it with her makeup brushes! Can you spot the Acrylic Cube Organizer?

Pretty Display’s Acrylic Cube Organizer

Of course, a flawless makeup application starts with the right tools. She uses makeup brushes to achieve this gorgeous look. Investing in and using the right makeup brushes and tools will not only help give you a flawless makeup look, but you’ll actually save money in the long run. But with the right tools, you should also know how to take care and store them.

To keep your bureau or bathroom neat and your glorious tools clean and sanitary, Pretty Display’s Acrylic Cube Organizer is the best makeup brush holder option for you. On top of keeping your brushes looking organized and in order, Pretty Display’s Acrylic Cube Organizer will keep your makeup brushes cleaner—since tossing them in your makeup bag and letting product explode all over them probably isn’t the best condition to have them in. Caitlin here chose the Clear crystals for her makeup brush holder to match her cubicles. There are other crystal colors to chose from- Clear, Pink, Blue, Gold and Purple complimenting your room and personality.

Here is Caitlyn’s finished look for her Go-to Fall Makeup!
Fall Makeup Tutorial Video