How to Store Foundation Using Cosmetic Racks


Looking for a great idea on How to Store Foundation?

Read on to see how using wall mounted acrylic shelves can create an awesome makeup display and free up tons of room on your counter-top and drawers!

A growing makeup collection is wonderful, but there’s a fine line between having an impressive makeup collection and being an excessive cosmetic hoarder. Messy makeup tends to be dirty, and if products are buried, they can go bad before you have a chance to use them. And there’s nothing that feels quite as rewarding as having a tidy closet and a orderly makeup area, right?

Here’s our friend Taylor from thataylaa showing how to store makeup collection using Pretty Display’s Cosmetic Racks!


Getting ready in the morning is SO much easier when you can actually find what you need. Keep all your foundation, cosmetics, nail polishes, and tools handy and give your vanity a serious upgrade with this amazing organizing idea.

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You can display your everyday makeup or your growing love for foundation, palettes and even lipsticks for easy access.

Cosmetics acrylic wall racks – a unique way to store foundation!

Use Pretty Display’s Wall Mount Cosmetic Rack! Invisible style matches every décor. With this simple, unobtrusive design, most of the shelf is hidden discreetly behind the foundation bottles, and with no sides to block the view, you can create a stunning array of your cosmetics on your wall, where you can see and use then easily every day, and never lose them in the bottom of that drawer again!

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